Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coming Out

Often we confine our lives to boxes (aka closets).  What closets are you confining yourself to?  One sure sign of a closet is believing that there is no alternative.  "I don't really want to live this way, but what's the alternative?"  There are always alternatives, and there are always new distinctions you can make that can render your preconceived alternatives obsolete.

If you are considering living in an RV as opposed to a permanent dwelling, then you may be a closet nomad.  If you think about it, you might realize you are a closet musician, a closet athlete, a closet intellectual, or a closet happy, healthy, and successful person.

I recently came out of the closet as an ethical slut of the polyamorist persuasion.  Instead of accepting that there was no alternative to monogamy, I decided that there could be no alternative for me but to live the life I know I want.  By discarding limiting beliefs about what was possible, I didn't immediately change my world, but I changed the way I related to and felt about everything in it.

A closet can be a limiting belief about yourself or the world.  It can be a limiting job, career, relationship, social circle, or geographic location.  It can be a limiting habit, or it can be a habit of not doing something you'd love to do.  Evaluate your life for self imposed limitations and ask yourself, "Is there anything I have always known I really want but have never allowed myself to have?"  Then set new standards for your life to allow you to have that and other similar experiences, or at least to try them out safely.

Here are some helpful words on breaking free from Mr. Johnny Soporno:

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