Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grab Life by the Balls...and Squeeze

This is what you do when you think you have run out of options, when you have tried everything that you already thought of and none of it seems to be working.  When you think you don't know how to solve an urgent problem, and panic and hopelessness are pounding at the door, but you make a choice not to let them in.  When grabbing the bull by the horns (the bull, of course, being a metaphor for life and its vicissitudes) is out of the question because you are too powerless, too exhausted, too confused, and besides which the bull is trampling you into the ground and you are stumped what to do about it.  You let go of what you can't control and focus on what you can.  You grab life by the balls...and squeeze until your knuckles turn white.

Obviously this is a picturesque metaphor, but what does it really mean?  It means instead of striving hopelessly for what is out of reach, and draining your scant emotional energy in the process, you focus on what you can do something about, on the high leverage points within your reach where your efforts can make a difference, and put every ounce of strength you can muster, however much it is, into that.  A crisis can bring focus, and focus can lead to clarity, which can be a blessing.  It can precipitate a long-overdue rearrangement of priorities, and prompt decisive action that could not have come about any other way.  It can initiate lasting change in subconscious associations and resulting behavior patterns.  So, when pressure builds and crisis looms, find your root, sink into your center, grab on, and ride it for all it's worth.  This is how you discover and capitalize on your innate strengths.

So you're going to lose your job, your car, your house, your money, your lover.  Let it go and grab onto what matters, what's right in front of you.  You can't save what's already lost, but what can you save?  What can you control?  What can you create with what's at hand?  If all you can do is write, then write.  If all you can do is breathe, then do that.  Can you access the internet?  Can you make phone calls?  Can you pick up an old project you had let fall by the wayside?  Can you learn something from a book?  Can you go somewhere you've never been, talk to someone you've never met?  No matter what your situation, there are always steps you can take to reinvent yourself, and inspiration doesn't come from waiting, it comes from action, from change, from movement.  So does momentum.  And so does opportunity.  Power Living.  This is what it's about.  Embrace it.

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